Oct. 12th, 2005

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Got my access codes restored to the public journals. A thank-you to Scott and Hank for taking care of that little detail for me.

I'm ... OK. Not great, but considering that I should be dead, I'll take my current condition as a vast improvement.

I owe a heartfelt thank-you to the Medical staff, plus to Forge, Paige, Doug, and Kitty. Without them, I would not be contemplating physiotherapy to regain the use of my new artificial legs, but instead be looking at life as a parapalegic.

And for the Medical staff themselves - words alone cannot convey the depths of my gratitude. I would be diseased, dead, and buried long ago without their heroic efforts on my behalf. Thank you. Bless you.

Bless you all. Allah looks upon your works and smiles.

I ... I do not have the words to express how I feel. I have been granted a third chance at life, and I do not intend to squander it.


PS - Kylun, if you get a couple of moments to spare, I want to talk to you. About your warrior's heart, the traditions and spirituality of your people. We have not done enough of that, focusing instead on the mechanics, the graceful violence at which we both excel.


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