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Just got done with very early-morning T'ai Chi. It's still slow-motion posing with very limited combat applicability, but you know what? It's a good stretch and wellness thing, and that's just about perfect right now. Now that I think about it, if you sped a lot of it _up_ but still maintained that balance of soft and hard, it might not totally suck out on the street.

Flight students - we're going to review some film today. Forge, make sure you bring in that new batch of film you took - I want the winged folks to analyze their flight patterns.

Arabic students - review class today. I expect you all to come to class with questions, since judging by the last set of quiz grades there must be a lot of things that don't make much sense.

Shiro: I'm going to have to put the active part of our class on hold for now. I still expect to see you in the Gym at 8PM sharp, but it's going to be solo work for a time. Sorry, man. Make it up to you once my back heals a little more? Should only be a week or two.

X-Men Trainees: Email in your inboxes shortly with a curriculum and where you can acquire a little light reading. I'm available for questions, or you can pester Scott, Hank, Sam, or Ororo. They've all had the material you'll be learning, so pick their brains, people.
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